On Wednesday, Aug. 12, Oklahoma Representative Danny Sterling (R-Dist. 27) presented Citizen Potawatomi Nation tribal member and Oklahoma City University senior Trae Trousdale with a Citation of Recognition for his work as OCU Student Government Association president. Prior to running for office, Sterling was principal of Tecumseh High School where Trousdale attended.

“When I saw (Trousdale) walk through the door after the first two or three days dressed very professionally, coat and tie, I’m thinking, ‘This is something normally I don’t see in high school,’” Sterling said. “So I thought, ‘Well, maybe he’s doing just it the first few days.’ Well, no, that was his daily attire. And I knew right then, this young man is focused. He’s on his own path.”

CPN Secretary Treasurer D. Wayne Trousdale (left), Trae Trousdale, CPN Vice Chairman Linda Capps and State Rep. Danny Sterling following the ceremony at the cultural heritage center.

Trousdale became the first Native American elected by his peers to the university’s SGA presidential office. He spent his junior year restructuring the organization with diversity and inclusion as the benchmarks of his presidential campaign and focus of his time in office.

Sterling held a small ceremony to present Trousdale with a certificate at the CPN Cultural Heritage Center, attended by Tribal Vice-Chairman Linda Capps, Secretary-Treasurer D. Wayne Trousdale and a select group of family and friends.

“I don’t give these out to just anybody. I think it’s something that’s very special, and that’s why I wanted to take time to recognize this young man and give him credit where credit’s due,” Sterling said.

“We’re in pregame warm up, as far as his life, and what he’s going to accomplish moving forward; there’s no telling. It’s endless. I mean, he’s done so much already at such a young age.”

In addition to his work as president of the Student Government Association, Trousdale also oversaw OCU’s Student Foundation, led a number of donor stewardship events, encouraged volunteerism among his peers, received the Gold Star Ambassador award from OCU’s Office of Admissions and participated in CPN’s Potawatomi Leadership Program.

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