By Darian Young, FireLodge Children & Family Services Family Preservation Coordinator

Preserving families and promoting healthy, safe homes for children is the goal of the FireLodge Children & Family Services Family Preservation Program.

If you are a Native American parent or guardian and are involved with the child welfare system, or fear child welfare could get involved if something is not corrected, please reach out for assistance. Parenting is a difficult job on its own, but in a time of high stress worldwide, parenting can become even more challenging.

Family Preservation is here to assist Native families on a variety of levels. Both Nurturing Parenting and Building Native Communities Budgeting classes are offered through Family Preservation as well as family support and connecting families with needed community resources. Due to the coronavirus, all classes are being held one-on-one via a secure video platform. Maybe you’re a new parent who would like some practical tips on nurturing your little one, or you’re already a nurturing parent but you’re interested in getting a better grip on your monthly budget — either way, we are here to support your family.

If a family is currently working a plan through the state or Indian Child Welfare program, Family Preservation can encourage and assist the family in completing the plan’s recommended steps and services. Additionally, if families are working to get their children back in the home, Family Preservation can assist in preparing for the child to safely return home through tangible safety items and family support.

If your children have been removed due to child abuse or neglect, or you feel your children could be at risk of removal, please reach out to Family Preservation. Contact Darian Young at 405-878-4831 or visit our Facebook page @CPNFireLodge for more information.