By Justin Neely, CPN Department of Language Director

Make sure you are taking advantage of the online language sources we have available during this time at home. We have two YouTube channels with hundreds of videos. We have a Facebook page where we do a Friday Zoom class and other classes throughout the week. These are also posted on the site. Find the page at We have two courses on Also, check out for our online courses with Beginner I, II, and Intermediate. Our online dictionary is available at

Take this time to make a commitment to learning your language. You will never regret this decision.

Some words for this uncertain time:

  • Gégo zam nibwekén beshoch! Don’t stand too close!
  • Gbakwnen I gdon. Cover your mouth.
  • Gbakwnen I gdon epich jachamyen. Cover your mouth when you sneeze.
  • Zam manek bmadzejek ibe. There are too many people over there.
  • Doskwen mteno. Elbow only.
  • Gzibinenjen! Wash your hands!
  • Gshatgen! Stay home! (Telling one person)
  • Gshatgek! You all stay home! (Telling more than one person)
  • Gégo dagneshikén. Don’t touch me.
  • Gégo dagnakén o kekyat. Don’t touch that elder.
  • Nasena ezhechkeyen. Be careful what you are doing.
  • Nasena gishpen Gde-zhya odanek. Be careful if you are going to town.
  • Ni pi je ezhyayen? Where are you going?
  • Cho nde-zhyasi ngoji. I am not going anywhere.
  • Mteno nish wak bmadzejek bidek dawewgemgok. Only 200 people in the store.
  • Gde-mishatso. You are dressed up fancy.
  • Konege, Wisnedawewgemgok nde-zhyamen. Yes, we are going to the grocery store.
  • Gme gishek gda-bgedna o séma mine madmoyen. Every day, you should put down some tobacco and pray.