By Magdelon Gilbert, MA, RD/LD CPN Diabetes Program Dietitian

When we are forced out of our “normal” routine, it can be easy to throw our hands up in a panic. We have been encouraged to stay home, limit trips to the grocery store and implement social distancing. This can create feelings of fear, worry and anxiety. We get out of our “routine,” and in turn, there are things in our life that might begin to suffer. These areas can include nutrition, activity, sleep and stress. The best way to encourage a sense of normalcy is to keep a schedule as best we can. Let’s talk specifically in terms of nutrition.

Try to get up and go to bed about the same time. Eat structured meals and snacks versus mindlessly eating throughout the day. Balanced meals are going to be the most satisfying and will hold you over until the next meal.

What are balanced meals? Balanced meals include a protein, starch/grain, non-starchy vegetable and can include a healthy fat. Since certain things may be limited, think longer shelf life items such as canned, dried and frozen foods.

While we are encouraged to implement social distancing, I am currently seeing patients via virtual appointments. These tips are things we are utilizing to try to create normalcy and continue working toward a healthier lifestyle. You can find healthy recipes posted on the CPN social media outlets to help you be successful through the COVID-19 pandemic.