By Justin Neely, Director of the CPN Language Department


We have a lot of seasonal information below for the autumn and winter. This time of year was very special to our ancestors in the Great Lakes region. It will be good to put the words and phrases below to use during this time.

Along with this column is a flyer for our newly reconstituted youth choir. If you’ve got a child between elementary and high school who would like to participate, please reach out to me or attend one of our practices.

  • Giwse Gises (gee o say gee sus) — November
  • Abto bBon gises (abtoe bbone gee sus) — December
  • Agemek (ah gum kay) — Snowshoes
  • Agmose (ahg moe say) — He/she walks in snowshoes
  • Giwsé (gee o say) — He/she hunts
  • Yabé (yah beh) — Buck
  • Kche yabé ne ggi-wabma? (kchuh yabay nay gugee wabmah) — Did you see that big buck?
  • Nekshe o yabé! (Nuck shay o yabay) — Look at that buck!
  • Ggi-basksowa ne? (gugee bask so wah) — Did you shoot him/her?
  • Konege (cone eh geh) — Yes
  • Seksi wiyas (suck see wee yas) — Venison (Deer meat)
  • Seksi (suck see) — Deer
  • Wiyas (wee yahs) — Meat
  • Migwetch Gishget (meeg wech geesh git) — Thanksgiving
  • Wisnewen (wees nah when) — Food
  • Msezé (muh suh zeh) — Turkey
  • Zhashagpenik (zjah shag pen eek) — Mashed potatoes
  • Pen (pin) — Potato (one)
  • Mdamen (muh dah men) — Corn (singular)
  • Mdamnek (muh dah men ek) — Corn (plural)
  • Zaskokwetek pkweshgen (zahs ko kwe tuk puh kwes gen) — Fry bread
  • Pegna (pug nah) — Traditional Native corn bread

Short prayer of thanks

Migwetch Mamogosnan
Thank you, Creator
Jak she gégo ga gishtoyen
For everything you have created
Mine mno gishget.
And this beautiful day.
Ndodoskago mno bmadzewen mine jitmowen
We ask for good health and help.

Pegna (cornbread) recipe


  • Self-rising flour
  • 10 ears of corn
  • All-purpose frying oil


  • Take several ears of corn, at least 10 or more.
  • Take a canning lid and use a nail to punch holes in it.
  • Use the lid to scrape the corn from the cob into a bowl.
  • Then add self-rising flour until it’s a nice consistency.
  • Heat two or three tablespoons of oil in a skillet.
  • Wait until the oil is hot, then add some of the batter.
  • Flatten the batter in the pan like a pancake.
  • Cook on one side until golden brown, and flip and cook the other side.

Please note: the cornbread tends to be a little soft in the middle, and that’s OK.

This is a great dish for Thanksgiving or for a traditional meal. Watch this video to learn more about cooking Pegna: