Peltier descendant Casey White grew up in and around Pottawatomie County where he developed his love for football. As a teenager, he played as wide receiver and safety for Tecumseh High School, and through that experience, he built a lifelong passion for the game. Today, White holds an information technology position at Tinker Air Force Base in Midwest City. However, for the past three years, he has served as a color commentator for radio station 105.9 KIRC, covering the Tecumseh football games every Friday night.

“It’s pretty neat because I was out there at one point, and it’s so surreal because I’m at such a different stage in life,” White said. “It’s just cool because I can relate to those players who are out there while commentating, not just in football but in general … and knowing what kind of environment they’re in.”

Peltier descendant Casey White engages radio station 105.9 KIRC’s audience throughout Tecumseh’s football season.

In 2010 during White’s sophomore year of high school, Tecumseh Public Schools unveiled its newly renovated field and football stadium.

“I was one of the very first ones that got to play (on that field) and to experience that, so it’s pretty neat for me,” he said.

On air

White’s radio experience helps promote personal growth. Although he is often nervous about public speaking, he enjoys the opportunity his position as color commentator with KIRC provides to get him out of his comfort zone and learn more about the radio industry.

“I keep up the stats during the games,” White said. “I have an iPad with a program that I use while I talk, but I did do some practice beforehand. I didn’t want to be like super amateur, but I am one to just throw myself out there.”

He assists play-by-play commentator Jeff Thompson with analysis and builds content that engages listeners throughout their program.

“The guy that does the play-by-play with me, he’d never done it before. We’ve definitely grown together doing this. We are a lot better than the first year, for sure,” White said and laughed.

With more than four years of professional information technology experience, White’s skills ensure that all equipment is up and running properly to broadcast Tecumseh’s football games across KIRC’s listening area.

“Typically the only issue we ever have is getting power. We need that to power the wireless spot and our headsets,” he explained. “Also, the press box room. Because Tecumseh is only 4A, some press boxes are tiny.”

Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association football class sizes range from Class C at the smallest and Class 6A at the largest.

The radio network attends all home and away Tecumseh football games, and White is hopeful the Tecumseh football team will vie for a Class 4A playoff spot this season.

“They haven’t gotten to any playoff games since I started doing this, but this year they are supposed to, which would be pretty cool,” he added.

CPN ties

Like many Citizen Potawatomi, White knew growing up he was a Tribal member, but he did not begin exploring his heritage until recently. In the past few years, he increased his Tribal involvement, looking for opportunities to stay connected.

“Before this year … the only thing I’d ever really done is get my card,” he explained. “I voted this year and was at the General Council meeting at Festival, and I think that was a great learning opportunity for me.”

White enjoys gaining a greater understanding about his Potawatomi heritage as well as the Nation’s vast array of moving parts that help make it successful. Living just down the road from CPN’s headquarters also offers him an opportunity to introduce his 2-year-old son Decker to their Potawatomi culture.

“Overall, I expect to show him anything in life because not a lot was shown to me,” White said. “I’m happy to be able to show him these things and direct him in the way that he wants to go, whatever way that is.”

Tune into KIRC-FM Real Country 105.9 to hear White as he covers Tecumseh High School football games during the 2019 season or online at