The American Indian Science and Engineering Society recently approved Citizen Potawatomi Nation to establish the first tribal chapter of the organization, Shkodedeajek (Those Who Carry the Fire in Their Hearts). While nearly 200 higher education chapters and 15 professional chapters exist, AISES welcomed Native Nations to organize memberships within the last six months.

CPN seized the opportunity to promote Indigenous leadership in the science, technology, engineering and math fields. The chapter — sponsored by the CPN Department of Education — fills a gap for Tribal citizens around the world employed in STEM to make connections, network, share resources and more.

The Nation will benefit from a chapter as it begins to offer more health care services, constructs new facilities, expands into manufacturing and attempts to fill the jobs that come with it.

CPN Cultural Heritage Center Community Garden Assistant Kaya DeerInWater serves as the CPN AISES chapter president. CPN welcomes non-CPN and non-Native Americans who support the mission to join the chapter as well as CPN STEM employees. There is no age requirement for inclusion, and STEM students are encouraged to participate.

Virtual meetings will allow all chapter members to participate, regardless of their location. Join the Facebook group Shkodedeajek AISES for updates, and email to be added to the chapter’s email list. More details to follow.