The 2018 CPN Human Resources Department

Submitted by CPN Human Resources

The Human Resources department staff is honored to be a part of Citizen Potawatomi Nation. We are a part of the onboarding process and see new employees come in, filled with hope for the future and their families.

We are excited to know that, through the leadership of the Tribe, we can offer amazing benefits, the chance to save for the future through our 401(k) match plan and a number of other opportunities.

In light of what Citizen Potawatomi Nation does for its employees and the community, we were inspired when we sat down at our strategic planning meeting in late October. Department members reflected on what they felt we had achieved and what we should strive toward to embody what the Nation as a whole means to us. Due to this reflection, we first devised a new mission statement: “Human Resources exists to provide respect and support while empowering our community.”

Our new mission statement is very meaningful to us. We need to respect all employees and guide them in a positive and encouraging manner. If our employees feel valued, they will be proud to be a part of the Nation, and this creates longevity. In turn, empowering them to be productive participants within the community.

Citizen Potawatomi Nation continues to grow and thrive. Our department desires to grow and thrive along with the Nation. The workforce today within any organization is a very diverse environment. We must continue thinking outside the box and devise new and interesting methods to attract applicants who are eager to become a part of our journey. Applicants who want to join the “best of the best.”

That said, here is Human Resources’ new vision statement: “Human Resources is committed to attracting, educating, developing, and retaining a diverse workforce.”

We continue to look forward with enthusiasm to serving Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

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