Bozho nikan
(Hello friend),

For those of you who fly, an item just came to light that involves identity theft. I would ask you, what do you do with your airline-boarding pass once you are on the flight? Leave it in the seat pocket? Maybe just throw it in the nearest trash can you see later or in the trash at home?

Well, it is suggested that you be a little more careful than that. There are crooks out there with scanners to read your boarding pass, or the QR (quick response code) file, if that was used. With a barcode scanner or QR reader, they have access to your name, birthdate and frequent flyer information. They can use that to cause personal identity problems. So, either tear up the boarding pass or put it through your shredder.

Upcoming events

On another subject, here are tentative events in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

March 3: University of Texas Arlington Native American Student Association Powwow

March 17-18: Santa Fe Days in the Park in Carrollton, Texas. Use Google to find the location.

April 18: Dream Warrior event in Dallas. Location still being determined.

Sept. 29: American Indian Heritage Day at Lone Star Park

October: TCU Native American event. (Date to be announced.)

Cornhusk dolls are more than fun crafts — they also help teach lessons of the Great Spirit. Photo provided

Three Sisters

The last item this month deals with the Three Sisters food that we have covered in the past. The Three Sisters food consists of beans, corn and squash. In addition to a source of food, corn came into play as a source of teaching art to our children. After the husk was removed, it was allowed to dry. After it was dried and had turned brownish, it was soaked in water. Then the soaked husks were used to make a doll.

I am attaching a photo of the cornhusk doll that I made so that you have an idea of what one looks like. If there is any interest, we can hold a meeting and let others have the experience of this craft. The nice thing about this doll is that when it dries, it will stand up. The Senecas have a story about the doll that they tell to their children. Basically, it goes back to the idea that the beautiful corn person admired herself in a pool in the woods and became very vain and conceited, which upset the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit warned the corn person about this and that they were upset with the way the corn person acted. As a result, the cornhusk doll is made with no face detail.

In closing, let me say how proud I am to be your representative, and I am here to help where possible in any areas where you think I may assist. So, please don’t hesitate calling. My cellphone is the best number to use, which is why I put in the information that follows.

Bama pi

Bob Whistler
Bmashi (He Soars)
Representative , District 3
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Bedford, TX 76022
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