Submitted by Kassi Roselius

A new year brings about new possibilities and the desire to better oneself. However, keeping these commitments can, at times, become more stressful and debilitating than the actual sought-after goal.

Personal health has many different aspects, including mental, physical and relational. Having the resources and motivation to work on small changes throughout the year can be just what a person needs to achieve success.

Keys to making a successful resolution include a strong initial commitment to change, coping strategies to deal with problems that arise, and keeping track of progress. Continuous monitoring that is followed by feedback helps to guide and direct changes. Also, people tend to make too many resolutions and end up not obtaining their desired goals. Instead, pick a realistic, attainable goal to achieve in a reasonable time frame. Write the plan down. Incorporate friends and family to keep you accountable, or better yet, have them join you.

Taking time for your health does not have to be overwhelming. Small, simple steps over a period of time can lead to dramatic improvements. Visit for tips on “Five Minutes (or Less) for Health” and find ways to improve your overall well-being.

Roselius, M.D., M.P.H., is staff physician and public health coordinator at Citizen Potawatomi Nation — West Clinic. Learn more about CPN Health Services at