The produce display is just one of the many renovated
sections at FireLake Discount Foods.

Shoppers at FireLake Discount Foods have had to navigate large scale renovations in recent months, as the nation’s largest tribally-owned grocery store revamped its interior for new products and services.

The most significant change is the deli counter’s move from the rear of the store to the front, allowing customers to easily visit it, FireLake BBQ and the FireLake Bakery in one convenient location.

“Our motto is ‘We are passionately committed to retail excellence, one customer at a time,’” explained FireLake Foods Director Richard Driskell. “In the last year we updated how our staff uniforms and customer service practices, and the store’s renovation has been the second part of that. The new layout matches with our vision of making FireLake an excellent retail experience for each of our customers.”

FireLake BBQ offers a wide variety of products, including BBQ catering specials, weekly lunch specials and fried chicken that trumps local fast food offerings.

The store has also brought in entirely new freezers and coolers for its meat, dairy and frozen food sections. The new freezers and coolers are able to hold just as many products as before using less square footage, providing shoppers more room to maneuver while adding more variety to the items being sold.

FireLake has also focused on making its shopping offerings some of the best around, including its meat selection. Its USDA inspected meat is cut fresh, right in the store, to give the best product for shoppers.

FireLake has also introduced a new rewards card system, allowing customers to accrue points that can go to discounts on their purchases.

The rise of more health-conscious grocery store chains like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Natural Grocers has been tempered of late as more traditional grocers like FireLake Discount Foods expand their healthy grocery options. FireLake’s 2017 renovation included the addition of a healthy foods section next to their fruit and vegetable area of the store. Those seeking vegetarian and vegan friendly offerings, organic foods, and gluten free products now have a large selection at FireLake.

In keeping with the store’s charitable influence in the community, that emphasis on healthy foods has also been extended through an innovative program for local youth. FireLake Foods provides free fruits for those under the age of 12 through their ‘Fresh Fruits 4 Kids Program.’

“We want to promote healthy dietary habits at a young age for our shoppers and their families,” explained Driskell. “Often people may be unwilling to go with fruit, but by offering the fresh fruit for kids under the age of 12, it provides a cost effective incentive for them to have a healthy snack.”

The store’s staff continues to focus on providing high levels of customer service while offering an array of products that can meet central Oklahoma’s household budgets. Employees and management regularly participate in charitable giving and volunteer work in the communities, including serving at the Shawnee Salvation Army’s weekly soup kitchen. The store regularly donates hundreds of meals per year to local non-profits and its coupon book

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