We have a lot of great stuff going on with the Citizen Potawatomi Language Department. The children from the CPN Child Development Center placed second at the University of Oklahoma’s Native American Language Fair. Read the story here  for full details. The kids competed in an age group older than they should have and our four-year-old class did great. Mrs. Enedina Banks did an excellent job working with the kids and making their ribbon shirts and skirts. Our congratulations to the kids on an awesome job.

Our online language course continues to be very well attended, with 544 different people joining in. Currently the ‘Beginner’ course is 20 chapters and you can follow that with another 20 chapters in ‘Beginner II.’ We are currently working on an ‘Intermediate’ course which should be available in the next couple of months.

Also available online is our Lexique Pro Potawatomi Dictionary, which in its current version has about 5,200 words. We are also working on a newer version that will have more than 10,000 words. We look to release it in the next couple of months. 

Also available is our children’s course accessed at http://cpn.news/kidslanguagecourse.

This page is designed so kids can explore. It is built with an image of a town. A child can click on the town and then click on one of the different buildings. Once inside they will have a choice of two different areas. Once they chose one of these areas they can then click on different points inside the room to open a variety of different videos. There are songs, learning videos, cultural teaching videos and some goofy videos to hopefully keep them entertained. We are planning on releasing these as a DVD in the near future.

Mnokme kedwnen – Spring words 
Mnokme – Spring (mih noke may)
Jigwek bmosewat – The thunders are walking. (Jeeg wack buh moe say waht)
Jigwekya – It is thundering. (Jeeg wack yah)
Wawasmo – Lightening ( Wah wahs moe)
Waskonedo – Flower (Wahs cone nuh doe)
Waskonedoyen – Flowers (Wahs cone nuh doe)
Mekchako – Frog (muck chah koe)
Waseya – It is bright. ( Wah say yah)
Gtegan – Garden (Guh tuh gan)
Gmowen – It is raining. (Guh moe win)
Amo – Bee (Ah moe)