Several offices in the Citizen Potawatomi Nation tribal government are on the ballot for Election Day 2017, including the executive office of tribal chairman and legislative districts 1, 2, 3 and 4. The Hownikan asked each candidate a brief set of questions as an introduction to both incumbents and challengers as CPN voters around the country will be voting on at least one election this year alongside the annual tribal budget. More in-depth articles on the candidates’ views and background will follow in the coming months ahead of the June elections.

Incumbent Bob Whistler

Full name and Potawatomi name: Bob Whistler, Bmashi (He soars)

Hometown: Bedford, Texas

Occupation: Owner of “RedMan I am Promotions,” a distributorship for custom logo merchandise

Potawatomi family name: Bourassa

On why he believes running for the tribal legislature is important: “CPN has grown very dramatically and needs to be as diverse as possible. I am running for District 3 because I have experience in over eight industries in service, management, customer service and sales along with over nine years of government experience, that I can contribute towards our growth and future to benefit the constituents in district three and the nation.”




Challenger Jahn Eric Humphreys

Full name: Jahn Eric Humphreys

Hometown: San Leon, Texas

Occupation: Family Law Attorney

Potawatomi family name: Slavin

On why he believes running for the tribal legislature is important: “I feel that it is very important for all of us to give back to our community. Only by all of us being involved and committed can we see our Nation strengthen and grow. Decisions and actions taken now will affect generations to come, and I want to help that future.”