The CPN Veterans Organization has been very busy with color guard and honor guard events while planning for the June Festival and July Gathering for this year. One project that David Barrett and I have worked on is the new veterans’ t-shirt that will be available at both events.

Included in this report is a picture of that new t-shirt. The eagle on the front is from our very own aviary and the image on the back was drawn by me for this project. We hope you will like it. Be sure to visit our booth and get acquainted. We will have a meeting of all tribal veterans Saturday morning during the Festival. 

We have had a few of our members walk on, but others have joined us to share in the fellowship we enjoy each month and participate in the special events of the color guard and honor guard.

Veterans, have you registered with the Department of Veterans Affairs? The VA has made the largest transformation in the history of its existence. They are reporting progress and growth of the locally led, community-driven initiative called “My VA Communities.”

What these communities have in common is that that they have local veteran engagement boards led by the community that provide a feedback and input mechanism for local veterans. They are accessible and designed to bring together all available local resources and capabilities to better support our veterans. They are also flexible enough to meet the unique needs of each community and facilitate the development of local solutions. If you haven’t registered yet with the VA, please do so. It may be helpful to you with some your needs, now or in the future. 

Though we missed her announcement in the May Hownikan, congratulations to Midshipman Jacqueline Kennedye on her graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy with the Class of 2016. This Peltier family member will be attending flight training in Pensacola, Florida.

Daryl Talbot, Commander