Excerpt from George Winter’s journal regarding Mis qua buck [Red Iron].

“Mus-qua-buck…. whom I had sketched unconsciously to him at the time while sitting on a stump of a tree watching some young Indians playing some game. He was completely disencumbered of all those gaudy trappings which the Indians [sic] who are immediate neighbors of the Whites indulge in. His dress was simple-wild and well suited to his mode of existing. He had on a hunting shirt of coarse muslin, buck-skin leggings and moccasins, with a blanket strapped around his body and falling gracefully over his nether limbs. His head was surrounded by a small discoloured [sic] shawl, and had a bunch of feathers on the crown of his head-his hair was rather long and fell negligently over his ears. He possesses very prominent and striking features-and a silver ring hung flat through his nose (an odd fancy) gave him that singularity of appearance which but few possess.”