As the third largest public university in the state, the University of Central Oklahoma boasts a long list of notable alumni, including 2007 Miss America Lauren Nelson and CEO and Chairman for AT&T, Randall Stephenson. To recognize these and many others during the past 50 years, the Edmond, Oklahoma-based institution has honored its outstanding former graduates
with its UCO Distinguished Alumni Award. A designated committee selects recipients based on peer recommendations and notable accomplishments throughout their professional careers.

In 2015, CPN Director of Health Services Tim Tall Chief was among those to receive the award.

“UCO has been a piece of my life since I was in the first grade,” said Tall Chief. “My parents met there, I met my wife there and my son graduated from there. It’s where I went to grade school and eventually graduated with my master’s.”

Tall Chief graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1971 and a master’s degree in counseling psychology in 1978. As the director of health services for CPN, he is tasked with overseeing the extensive network of Tribal clinics and wellness services. For the past 24 years he has maintained a faculty appointment at the University of Oklahoma and is the CEO of Outdoor Adventures Unlimited Inc.

“This award is very special to me because UCO has been such a huge part of my life,” said Tall Chief. “The school has shaped an awful lot of who I am and this award is an honored punctuation for me as I move toward the end of my career.”

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