Check out these collectible dolls and stuffed animals that would make great gifts for the grandkids or for the sitting room sofa this Christmas.

FireLake Gift Shop has many items like these at similarly affordable prices which can be seen in our store located inside the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center or online at Be sure to follow our weekly items of the week at

  • #1042- Orange Dress Doll Native Large $49.50
  • #1018 Red Dress Navajo Doll Set (both dolls) $225
  • #2597 Red Bandana Navajo Boy Doll $36
  • #3174 Yugi Pendleton Bear (Back Row)
  • #3174 Diego Pendleton Bear (in front of Yogi)
  • #3174 Lucky Pendleton Bear (back row)
  • #3174 Pendleton Pear (front)
  • #3175 Bear-Glacier with Hat $48