The spring 2015 storm season dampened expectations for the CPN Healthy Heart Program, with flooding causing the newly planted CPN Community Garden to be washed away in one of the many May downpours. Though that endeavor was set back for another, hopefully drier year, the staff of the Healthy Heart Program who helped manage the garden did have one big project come to fruition.

A new program website,, launched with grant funding assistance this summer.

Healthy Heart nutritionist, Torie Fuller MS RD/LD, utilized grant funds from the Native Telehealth Outreach and Technical Assistance Program to help pay for the website’s costs and management. NTOTAP provides Native American health programs to develop websites, social media strategies and other online programs that focus on local health concerns. Fuller and the CPN Healthy Heart staff were approached by NTOTAP advocates with the opportunity for their online outreach grant. Fuller then took a training course on how to build a website and Fuller created herself.

“I applied for the grant as an outreach opportunity to the community and for our participants,” said Fuller. “We needed another way to promote everything that we do to the community. The website will also be used as a recruiting tool for individuals thinking about joining the Healthy Heart Program.”

The website offers Healthy Heart patients a look into the program, allowing them to sign up for a grocery store tour or cooking demonstration. It also has a calendar of events and links to other websites with useful heart healthy information.

“We’re hoping this website offers participants an opportunity to have unlimited access to questions or concerns they have regarding their health,” said Fuller. “We want the website to be able to give patients all they need to know to live a heart healthy life.”

For more information please visit the Healthy Heart website at To learn more about the CPN Healthy Heart Program, call at 405-395-9303.