One of central Oklahoma’s leading travel destinations, the Grand Casino Hotel Resort has “beefed” up their gastro-offerings with the addition Flame Brazilian Steakhouse.

Adding to the Grand’s exceptional edible enterprises, is the family friendly Soto Sushi Bar. The new eatery will serve hand crafted sushi and Asian fusion delicacies and is led by Head Sushi Chef, Richard Soto, who coincidentally shares the same surname as the business.

“I’ve been in the sushi industry for a little more than four years now,” said Chef Soto. “One thing I’ve taken away from my time as chef is that it really comes down to the experience people have when they come into a restaurant. You can go anywhere and get a meal, but when you come into a restaurant like this I want to make sure that you want to come back here.”

The style that Chef Soto provides for sushi is a mix of everything that he has learned over his career, with the restaurant offering a variety of common selections and several of Soto’s own creations. Soto Sushi Restaurant will have traditional sushi dishes such as nigiri, hand rolls and uramaki inside-out rolls. Guests looking to avoid seaweed will have options of soy paper rolls,  while for vegetarians and vegans, Chef Soto promises to accommodate those guests’ specific dietary needs.

Chef Soto also plans on introducing custom menu items such as the Red River Roll, which contains fried crawfish, cream cheese and spicy mayo. It will be rolled inside out and will be covered in red tobiko, a traditional, nutritious fish enhancement featured on sushi dishes.

“This can be something to look forward to when you and your family try out the new restaurant,” said Chef Soto. “We’re a sushi restaurant, but we want to be your sushi restaurant.”

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