Bozho Jayek (Hello everyone)

Welcome to the 2015 Citizen Potawatomi Nation Family Reunion Festival! We have some exciting news to share with you about the language this year!

We have been working hard developing an online course in the Potawatomi language. Housed online at, the course will be open to the public in August 2015. It will consist of beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses. Originally only the beginner version will open and then about six months later we should have the intermediate course up. Each course has four main units, and each unit comprises ten lessons. Through online lectures, interactive exercises, games, cultural teachings and various other activities, you
are given the opportunity to learn Bodéwadmimwen, the Potawatomi language.

To help you out in this journey, we would like to introduce you to Mesho, a traditional Potawatomi elder, and Newi, his grandson, who has just started to become aware and interested in his Tribal heritage. Thanks to Mesho, Newi and this language course, you will soon have the opportunity to learn Bodewadmimwen at your own pace and convenience, at any time of the day and night, whether you live in Oklahoma, California, or abroad.


We also continue to work with the children in the CPN Child Development Center who recently won first place at the University of Oklahoma Native American Language Fair for their large group song presentation. We are extremely proud of the three year old class and the mixed four and five year old classes. The afterschool kids got an honorable mention for their video submission on why there is daylight. That video can be seen here: We are going to be having a number of classes this year at the Festival.

These times are still tentative, so consult the final schedule when you arrive. To see a map of Festival, click here.

Nyano gishek- Friday

3 p.m. – Potawatomi language conversation class (North Reunion Hall)

Odanke gishek- Saturday
10 a.m. – Potawatomi language immersion class (North Reunion Hall)
12 p.m. – Potawatomi language Bingo (North Reunion hall)

1:30 p.m. – Potawatomi Children’s language class (Administration building/Child Development Center)

Numa gishek- Sunday
12 p.m. – Hymnals in the Potawatomi language (at the old church)

Here are a few basic words and phrases to have for the upcoming Festival. Look inside your Festival bag for a longer list of phrases.

Migwetch – Thanks (Mee-gwehch)

Igwien – Thanks (a heartfelt thank you)(Ee-guhwe-in)

Konege – Yes (southern word) (Konuh- gay)

Éhe – Yes (northern word) (Eh hah)

Kyenep – Hurry (Kay –nup)

Bozho – Hello (Bo zhoe)

Bama pi – Later on (Bahmah pee)

Mine kedon – Say it again. (Meenuh kuhdoen)

Shkena! – Geez (Shkay-nah)

Ni je ngom zagech? – How is the weather? today? (Knee juh ngome zah gech)

Mno gishget – It’s a nice day (Mino geeshget)

Gmowen – It’s raining. (Gmoe in)

Gshatemget – It’s hot (Gshotdam-get)

Jigwek bmosewat – Thunders are walking (Jeeg wack buhmosaywaht)

Byan shode – Come here (Beyawn show duh)

Dokem – Be quiet (Doe kum)

Nasena – Be careful (Nah suh nah)

Mno waben – Good morning (Mino wabin)

Mno gishnawkwe – Good afternoon. (Mino geeshnow kway)

Ni je na? How are you? (Knee juh nah)

Anwe she shena. – I’m fine. (Anway shu shena)

Ndaknoga. – I’m sick. (Ndack no gah)

Ndeyekwes. – I’m tired. (Nduh yuck kwis)