One of the staples of the Family Reunion Festival is open to visiting Tribal members again, with CPN Cultural Heritage Center Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Jeremy Arnette conducting half day tours at Sacred Heart Mission.

The Roman Catholic Mission once served the needs of Citizen Potawatomi people upon the Tribe’s formative years in what was then Indian Territory just east of Asher, Okla. It served as a place of worship for Tribal members during the Oklahoma allotment period before eventually adding a school for boys and girls, along with a college for young men entering the ministry. In addition to basic services such as holding mass, the  was also used for weddings and funerals.

Sacred Heart was also the home of the nineteenth and early twentieth century publication, the Indian Advocate, whose stated mission was to “promote the spiritual as well as the temporal welfare of the Indian race.”

On the tour guests will visit the mission grounds, the current church and the cemetery used exclusively for the Citizen Potawatomi. Be sure and wear sturdy shoes and comfy clothing. Bring sunblock if you  burn easily, however the CHC staff will provide water and bug spray.

There are tours on both Saturday and Sunday during Family Reunion Festival. Space is limited and the vans leave promptly at 8 a.m. from the Cultural Heritage Center. For more information call 405-878-5830.

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