The CPN Eagle Aviary has had several noteworthy moments in its few years in operation. Fortunately, many of those special moments have been documented by the two eagle aviary employees, Jennifer Randell and Bree Dunham.

“We have had many requests for photos and calendars of the eagles. Finally we were able to sit down and put it together,” explained Randell. “We wanted to give people a small look into the lives of our CPN eagles, their unique personalities and incredible presence.” 

The CPN Eagle Aviary offers a 12 month calendar with full color photos that highlight each bald eagle housed at the aviary. Each month includes shots taken by Randell and Dunham documenting the eagles’ daily lives. Each month also contains a biography for the featured eagle, including their origin, why they are there and what their personality is like.

“This calendar showcases the amazing faces we get to meet each day with. It is an honor to serve in this capacity for the CPN. We just wanted to share some of those moments captured on film,” continued Randell.

The calendars are $15 if purchased at the FireLake Gift shop, but a $6 shipping fee is added for online purchases. All proceeds benefit the CPN Eagle Aviary.

“The CPN Eagle Aviary is such a great asset to tribal members and visitors who want to better understand Potawatomi culture,” said Cultural Heritage Center Director Dr. Kelli Mosteller.  “Now everyone gets to have a chance to have a little piece of that experience in their homes with these calendars.”  

The calendars can be purchased online at Find out more information by calling FireLake Gifts at 405-275-3119.