At the Sept. 16, 2014 legislative meeting, a host of resolutions and amendments to CPN’s laws were addressed. Most prominent was the passage, with all sixteen votes of the legislature, of the CPN budgets for the fiscal year 2015.

An ordinance amending the Juvenile Code and Indian Child Welfare to provide a logical sequence of preference in foster child placement was passed with no dissenting votes. The legislature also approved the appointments and terms of office for the CPN Floodplain Management Board.

Transportation infrastructure updates were also on the agenda, as the legislature voted unanimously on three separate issues revolving around roads in the CPN. The first was a resolution supporting the addition of new routes to the Tribe’s Road Inventory Field Data System. A second resolution updated the Tribal Transportation Program Transportation Improvement Plan and a submittal of the plan to the Federal Highway Administration. The legislature also adopted the Transportation Safety Plan of the CPN.

In Tribal election news, Gary Bourbonnais was re-confirmed to the CPN Election Committee as Chairman by a full vote of the legislature.

Representatives also approved delegates and membership dues to two important national bodies in Indian Country. Delegates and membership dues were appointed to the National Congress of American Indians and for the Tribe as well as a full member of the National Indian Gaming Association.

FireLake Arena, FireLake Corner Store and FireLake Discount Foods were all approved licensing that designates each as potential gaming locations within the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.
Two tribal citizens were granted the voluntary relinquishment of their CPN membership. Two other tribal members were approved for conditional relinquishments of their CPN membership.

The number of incoming members was significantly higher than those leaving, with 289 new applicants being formally inducted into the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

On Aug. 25, the CPN Legislature was called for a special session. All legislators and executive members were present.

The brief meeting was called to specifically address Resolution15-18-HHS, which approved a settlement agreement for unpaid contract support costs from Indian Health Service. The motion was approved by unanimous consent.

The meeting adjourned following the vote.