Welcome to another edition of the Potawatomi Cornerstone. In this issue I am breaking away from the regular features to give you some pre-Festival information about what we do here in Tribal Rolls and what you need to know if you have any business with us during the Festival. 

Tribal Rolls is broken down into four groups: ID cards, enrollments, scholarships and burials. We are also responsible for RV, tent and vendor spaces during the Festival, but the team that is used for this task will be constantly moving about on the grounds during this time. If you do have questions about reservations prior to the Festival you can call us at 405-875-5835. Once Festival is underway, traffic and parking matters will be taken care of on location and not in the office.

Tribal ID cards will be at the top of the list during Festival because you cannot get onto the grounds without one. Registration cannot accept your admission without first having an ID card. This applies to tribal members only. A spouse or non-tribal children living with a tribal member will receive a spousal and family pass but only after the tribal member has been registered in the database. If you do not have a tribal ID, tribal rolls will be nearby. We like to have everyone fill out a small form before getting a new ID. I know it’s busy and you want to get out and enjoy the festivities, but a small amount of your time will ensure that your current address and other information are updated in your file. This helps us serve you better especially during important mail outs and the tribal newspaper.

We will also be set up to take enrollments. It is important that you bring the state certified birth certificate along with the application. Hospital certificates are not accepted. Our staff will be equipped with scanners to scan the birth certificates so you don’t have to leave them with us. And please make sure that the application is filled out before dropping it off. If it is incomplete or illegible it will be mailed back to you for correction, thus delaying the enrollment process. It should be noted that this is the busiest time of the year for collecting enrollments and the usual three month wait may take a little longer, depending on the number of applications we receive.

Scholarships are usually taken care of by this time, so most applications will be handed out for the fall semester. These forms will be available and staff will be present to answer any of your scholarship questions.

Burial Insurance Fund Forms will also be available. Though all tribal members are eligible for the program regardless if a BIFF is in their files, it is always wise to even have this small form readily available if the unexpected arises. The form does designate a beneficiary that can quickly be contacted if the moment comes up. We know that this is the most difficult time in anyone’s life and we are here to make this affair as easy as possible for those involved. If you don’t have a form in your file or need to update the one you already have, the form will be available and it would be a good idea to fill it out and turn it in while you are visiting with us.

I hope everyone has a great time at the festival and remember, Tribal Rolls is here to serve and help you. You can contact us during normal office hours at 405-875-5835.