CPN Eagle Aviary managers Jennifer Randell and Bree Dunham will be at the Kaw Lake Ultimate Eagle Watch in Ponca City on Jan. 18.

“This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to see eagles in their natural environment and there should be an abundance of extra migrants in this year because of the weather up north,” said Dunham.

Randell and Dunham will present a review of the first year at the CPN Aviary and about Wadase, the juvenile bald eagle released by CPN.

“This is a great event if people want the opportunity to see bald eagles in the wild,” added Dunham. “There are several areas set up for viewing with spotting scopes for better looks at the birds. There are several informative presentations throughout the day as well as live birds on hand for several of those. There is something for all ages.”.

A bus tour around the lake and a traditional lunch will be provided. Please see the attached schedule here.