The Citizen Potawatomi Nation has a $522 million economic impact in the State of Oklahoma for 2012. This economic impact includes $68 million in wages and benefits, directly supporting more than 2,000 jobs, and purchases contributing to a $377 million impact on the local economy. 

“There is an old adage that ‘a rising tide raises all ships.’ The Citizen Potawatomi Nation plays a major role in the success of Pottawatomie County and the State of Oklahoma,” said John Barrett, Chairman, Citizen Potawatomi Nation. “We are a lasting partner of the state and community. Our success is good for both our tribe and for our Oklahoma neighbors.”

Citizen Potawatomi Nation exercises governmental jurisdiction in portions of Pottawatomie, Cleveland and Oklahoma Counties. With more than 2,000 tribal employees, CPN is the largest employer in Pottawatomie County by more than three times.

“We have a history of creating good jobs in Pottawatomie County,” added Barrett. “These jobs pay well and we offer excellent benefits. Those jobs allow people to live, work and spend money in Shawnee and other communities nearby.”

Citizen Potawatomi Nation is also responsible for a variety of services including healthcare, elderly programs, social services, education and housing. In 2012 CPN health facilities had more than 20,000 physician visits, 4,600 dental visits, served 14,000 meals to the elderly, assisted 3,500 families through Indian Child Welfare, provided 3,800 scholarships and assisted with housing costs for more than 1,500 people.

“Although we are not and cannot be all things to all people, our services to do help take care of our tribal members and fellow Oklahomans when assistance is needed,” added Barrett. “Not only does that help create a more healthy and vibrant community, our services ease the burden on the State of Oklahoma.”

Citizen Potawatomi Nation’s business portfolio includes grocery and travel, dining, shopping and entertainment and banking. Firelake Discount Foods is the largest tribally owned grocery store in the United States.  First National Bank and Trust Company is the largest tribally owned national bank and has branches at Citizen Potawatomi Nation Tribal Headquarters, Shawnee, Holdenville, two in Lawton, Granite and Mangum Oklahoma. Citizen Potawatomi Nation also operates two casinos, entertainment venues, retail shops, fuel and convenience stores, golf courses, museums and a hotel.

“Our diverse portfolio of businesses allows us to provide good employment opportunities across a broad spectrum, making Pottawatomie County a desirable place to work and live,” said Barrett. “Our businesses also create a significant tourism draw for Oklahoma, making Shawnee a destination that otherwise wouldn’t exist.”

CPN contributed more than $1.7 million to local non-profits in Pottawatomie County, provided $203,495 to Oklahoma schools and made $21.3 million in tax payments and payments in lieu of taxes in 2012.