Editor’s Note: With Family Festival less than a week away, voting in the District elections will conclude on June 29 at the CPN Tribal Court. In the interest of giving the candidates in this year’s two contested elections one last appeal to the voters, below are messages from the District 4 incumbent, Theresa Adame, and her challenger Jon Boursaw.

Theresa Adame

When I was approached to write one last article about the election and my re-election, I was allowed up to 400 words. My thought on this subject will not take anywhere near that much ink. 
I am asking you to cast your vote for my re-election. You have come to know me in the last four years by my votes and actions. I have attended your family reunions, naming ceremonies and addressed your questions and concerns. 
It has been my privilege to serve with the fine people elected from around the nation. I feel I have earned their respect as I respect them and work well as a group.
The love for my tribe and our family history was instilled in me at an early age and I have always known that in my heart I am Potawatomi. I have always had the best interest of our tribe and the needs of our people in mind and will continue to vote that way.  
Thank you for your vote and I look forward to continue working for you in my next term of office.
As always feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Theresa Adame
Citizen Potawatomi District 4 Legislator


Jon Boursaw

Over the past several months you have repeatedly seen my commitments to the Tribal members in District 4 if selected to be their CPN Legislative Representative. Included among these are being responsive in a timely manner to their questions and concerns, keeping CPN members in District 4 informed of significant legislative issues and actions, willing to meet with members at various locations in the District, and a goal to expose the young District 4 members to the Tribal culture, traditions and history.

However, there are several additional objectives that I would like to accomplish during my time in office as the District 4 Legislative Representative; these are:

  • Renew the effort to return the 1862 Tribal Census Book currently in the St Marys Historical Society Museum to the Tribe. This census, conducted in accordance with the Treaty of 1861, contains the names of those families and individuals who established what was to become the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. This book rightfully belongs in the CPN Cultural Heritage Center archives. 
  • Continue to represent the Citizen Potawatomi Nation on a committee that is interested in the establishing a Heritage Park on the Kansas River near Rossville. This park would commemorate the pre-territorial settlement of Uniontown, the occupation of the area by Potawatomi, and the Kansas River ferries on the Oregon and California Trails, which were operated by Potawatomi members. This committee is comprised of individuals from the various counties and towns surrounding this historic site.
  • Continue to offer to give my CPN history presentation to civic organizations, schools, historical societies within Kansas and most importantly to CPN members throughout District 4.
  • Work closely with the CPN leadership and Housing Authority to ensure the viability and sustainability of the tribal complex in Rossville. I feel it is essential that we not only continue to provide housing and other services for our elder and disabled members, but it is equally crucial we continue the physical presence of the Tribe in Kansas.
  • Encourage all CPN veterans in District 4 to belong to the CPN Veterans     Organization. In conjunction with other District 4 meetings, I would like to hold     veteran meetings for the opportunity for them to be recognized for their service     and share their experiences. Offer a CPN Honor Guard at veteran burials.

Obviously, I feel strongly that much more should be done in District 4 to serve and support our members and preserve our heritage.