In February a group of women began working on a quilt in their spare time, each of them sewing a few pieces and putting them together. The group met each week, weather permitting, and pieced together scraps from regalia making. As the quilt came together, so did the ladies, creating friendships they hope to continue.

“Part of the Senior Support Network is socialization,” said Ida Tuttle. “This group is actually part of the Wednesday craft circle and we work on lots of different projects. Everyone who likes to craft is welcome to attend.”

Each of the ladies knew something about making a quilt, but the combined knowledge and expertise is really what moved the project along.

“It’s been fun and I’ve learned a lot,” said Susie Brendelson. “Each of us has given advice and if something goes wrong then we just laugh about it and keep going.”

The group has also allowed the ladies to get to know each other and has created friendships among them.

“I knew some of these people at a distance,” added Brendelson. “This group has brought everyone together and I’ve made some friends.”

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Photo cutline– Back row: Nancy Morris, Ida Tuttle and Patty Beeton. Front row: Susie Brendelson and Laura Oakes