The Citizen Potawatomi Nation offers many services to its citizens and to other Native Americans throughout its tribal jurisdiction. These services include several different categories, including: Housing, Community, Education, Health, Veterans, Elder and Career Services.

The Citizen Potawatomi Nation dedicates resources through federal funding, grants and tribal revenue to provide these and other services to the tribal and community citizens who need them most.

In 2011, Citizen Potawatomi Nation clinics had more than 62,000 patient visits, filled more than 1530,000 prescriptions, served more than 14,000 meals to the elderly, served nearly 3,000 families through Indian Child Welfare and provided 3,100 scholarships.


Citizen Potawatomi Nation offers a number of social services for Native Americans with the goal of self-sufficiency.  CPN is the largest employer in Pottawatomie County with more than 2,000 employees across several enterprises. Career opportunities are available in areas of gaming, hospitality, grocery, government and banking. Programs are also available to assist with resume writing, job referrals, interview tips, job placement and other employment related services. 


The Citizen Potawatomi Nation dedicates resources through federal funding, grants and tribal revenue to provide these and other services to the tribal and community citizens who need them most.


Citizen Potawatomi Nation offers training and leadership programs and scholarships to help further expand educational opportunities and availability to our tribal members.


Citizen Potawatomi Nation Health Services is to provide high quality, evidence-based, culturally-suitable medical and dental care, public health services, and behavioral health and substance abuse counseling to members of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and members of other federally-recognized American Indian tribes and nations and Alaskan Natives.  The clinicians and support personnel comprising the CPNHS staff share the goal of eliminating the health status disparities which exist between American Indians and the general population of the United States, and focus on eliminating long-standing access barriers to health and human services experienced by the majority of Native Americans residing in central Oklahoma.

CPN Tag Agency

Citizen Potawatomi Nation members living within the State of Oklahoma may purchase tribal tags.

Housing Department

The Citizen Potawatomi Nation Housing Department offers a variety of programs to assist in providing a decent, safe and sanitary housing to its tribal members.

Citizenship/Tribal Rolls

The Citizen Potawatomi Nation is a federally recognized tribe of more than 30,000 tribal citizens around the world. To be eligible for Citizen Potawatomi Nation citizenship individuals must be able to provide documents connecting them to an enrolled lineal ancestor.

CPN Veterans Organization

Citizen Potawatomi Nation is thankful for the sacrifices and service from our Veterans. CPN Veteran’s Organization, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Veterans’ Memorial and Veteran’s Outreach offer recognition as well as social opportunities and support for our service members in all branches of the military.

Community and Business Development

The Community Development Corporation is a tribally chartered non-profit corporation designed to provide capital and technical assistance for projects that create a healthy tribal economy through a commercial loan program tailor packaged to help Native American businesses to become more competitive and profitable.


The Citizen Potawatomi Nation Title VI Program began in the early 1980s to serve the needs of elderly Native Americans. Since then, the number of elders whom it serves has grown significantly. So has the list of services available to them. Native Americans age 55 and older who live in the Citizen Potawatomi Nation jurisdiction are encouraged to participate in the program.


The Citizen Potawatomi Nation is pleased to provide a transportation service to the Shawnee & Tecumseh area residents free of charge. This service is to help those 18 years of age and older to get to their medical appointments, to go shopping, to gain their GED, to apply for jobs, to be able to participate in programs such as the meals at the Senior Center and more.   

Office of Environmental Health

The Office of Environmental Health mission is to increases the health status of Native Americans to the highest level by providing safe drinking water systems and sanitary sewage and solid waste disposal services.

Real Estate Services

The mission of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Department of Real Estate Services (DRES) is to expand and develop the land base of the Nation. In pursuit of this mission DRES is subdivided into several interrelated functional areas.

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