With few fluent speakers of the Potawatomi language among the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, the language department faces a unique challenge to teach and preserve the language of our ancestors. This is being implemented by acquiring and documenting as much of the Potawatomi language as possible and passing this knowledge on through on-line and in-person classes.

To ensure the survival of our ancestral language, learning must start with our young. Currently, the language department is using a comprehensive curriculum for the children that attend the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Child Development Center. This curriculum includes puppet shows, cultural stories in Potawatomi and cultural teachings on video.

Mission Statement

Bodéwadmimwen Mission Statement Netem ode Bodewadmimwen Department enedwendemak gode bmadzejek eajtowat mine kiktowat mine nedkiktowat ode zheshmowen. Wje nigan igwan nedwendemak bmadzejek gégo zégzekék ekiktowat ode zheshmowen Wegwendek gishpen emjineshnabemoyan nesh je eajtowat ode zheshmowen gishpen ebidgewat naganwgemek anake Wegwendek eyewat.

  • Gzhetomen bkan ajtogenen emno medagwendemwat ajtowat.
  • Gkenomagemen “fun” mine bkan kenomagewenen wje bkan bmadzejek. Kekyajek, bmadzejek, penojeyek.
  • Bmadzejek kendasok ode zheshmowen gispen wase edawat nake bokshkawat.
  • Gkiktomen ode zheshmowen pene she shena ebmoseyak ge ninan widoktadwen.
  • Widmoyak agnomaksajek wenek gishpen ajtowat mine kiktowat ode zheshmowen.
  • Gnebyegemen mine gmesnatekkemen jayek gode nbwakawat ode zheshmowen iw se gode penojeyek bwa dbeshkawat wa je kendemwat ode Bodéwadmimwen.
  • Gnshktetomen ezhetoygo mno widoktadwen mneto iw se bmadzejek nedwendemwat ekendaswat mine nestetowat ode zheshmowen.

The Goal of our department is the promotion, perpetuation, and use of the Potawatomi language. It is our vision to see our language used again in a variety of settings not just spiritual but everyday life. This requires people to not be afraid to make mistakes and to simply use the language whenever they are add the tribal buildings or wherever they are.

  • We develop tools which will be useful and engaging to students of Potawatomi.
  • We hold classes which will be fun and work with a variety of ages of students.
  • We make the language accessible to students regardless of distance or monetary limitations.
  • We promote the Potawatomi language in our community.
  • We encourage members to learn and use their language.
  • We record and document all speakers in order to have this knowledge available for future generations.
  • We seek a mno widoktadwen mneto - a good community spirit - in order to foster learning and understanding.

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Justin Neely
Director of Language
Phone: (405) 878-5830

Randy Schlachtun
Potawatomi Language Instructor
Phone: (405) 878-5830

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