Trail of Death

In 1838, the Potawatomi Indians in the state of Indiana were forcibly removed from their ancestral homelands by order of the U.S. government. The 859 Potawatomi who started the journey travelled across Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and finally Kansas before finally arriving at their intended destination. The loss of life, 41 in total, resulted in the removal becoming known as the Potawatomi Trail of Death.

William Polke Journals - An eyewitness to the 1838 Potawatomi Trail of Death from Indiana to Kansas

Recent News

Photos of the 2013 Trail of Death Caravan Completion

Photos of the 2003 Trail of Death Caravan Completion


In Sept. 2013, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback met with descendants of the Potawatomi who were forcibly marched to the state in the 1838 Trail of Death. At a gathering of officials and tribal members led by CPN Legislator Jon Boursaw, Governor Brownback officially apologized on behalf of the State of Kansas for the treatment of those Potawatomi who were moved there.


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